A little bit about us: Beta 80 International, Inc., is a provider of high quality software for public safety. We currently serve over 60 PSAP covering 27 million citizens. Our solutions are known for their reliability, in over 25 years we have never lost a customer. We offer top quality CAD systems with flexible features and integrations. Custumize your cad to your needs: patient care and field base reporting, mapping and more. We also offer innovative technologies such as The Tavolo® and apps like Where ARE U.

Beta 80 International is a subsidiary of Beta 80 Group. Visit our corporate site for more Beta 80 information, news and testimonials.

About Beta 80 Group


Our products are the result of our 25-year experience in this business. We’ve gained a profound knowledge of what a PSAP needs and why. This is how we are able to design and customize each product to fit the specific needs of the people who use it every day. Each CAD is the result of our professional R&D team through over two decades of customer feedback.


When it comes to safety they key is being two steps ahead. We believe that studying and planning is essential for producing an invaluable product. That’s why our strenghts are flexibility and innovation. We fastidiously research industry trends and market developments to improve our line. So when you use it you know that you own the best tools for the job.


Our first costumer partnered with us in 1991 and never left. So have all the companies that choose to trust us with their work. In over two decades we have never lost a single costumer, nationally and internationally. You are our focus, that is why our 24/7 customer service support is receptive and responsive to any problem and question.

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