Beta 80 And NexGen Global Technologies Partner To Provide 9-1-1 Centers With Text-to-911

WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 10, 2017.  Beta 80, a leading provider of emergency communications services, announced a strategic partnership with NexGen Global Technologies, pioneer in the development of a unique E9-1-1 Multimedia Communications system, MIRS911, which allows citizens to send photos, videos and text into 9-1-1 Centers in real time. Beta 80 together with NexGen Global Technologies can provide a solution that enables public safety agencies to more effectively manage critical incidents by permitting Text-to-9-1-1 as well as capturing and transmitting multi-media intelligence exchanged between citizens and first responders.

Through this partnership, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) that use Beta 80 Group iO® Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) will be able to use NextGen Global Technologies’ system, MIRS, through a texting solution from a smartphone.  Text-to-9-1-1 services are intended to be used in specific scenarios: when the caller is hearing impaired, when the caller is unable to call 9-1-1 due to a medical emergency that renders him or her unable to speak, or in the event of a crime such as a home invasion or abduction.

With every update to its products, Beta 80 seeks to bring PSAPs the latest technology – while continuing to adhere to industry standards. This dedication is illustrated in Beta 80 International’s initiatives to comply with NG9-1-1. In an age where most people have access to smartphones and other texting-enabled devices, the NexGen Global Technologies system is an important tool for law-enforcement and other emergency responders to have at their disposal.

“The Beta 80 iO CAD solution is now able to provide PSAPs with the ability to receive Text-to-9-1-1 messages as well as use the texting connection with the citizen’s smartphone to enable the full stack of multimedia communications offered through the MIRS product by NexGen Global Technologies.”

— Gregory L. Rohde, General Manager, Beta 80 International

About Beta 80 International.  Beta 80 International, a subsidiary of Beta 80 Group, provides innovative end-to-end solutions for Public Safety in North America. For over 25 years, Beta 80 has been developing innovative technology to provide tailored public safety solutions that go beyond the expected. Our iO® solution is a leading software platform for PSAPs and emergency call centers in several countries. Today, it covers 33.000 municipalities and protects more than 27 million citizens. It’s currently active in Italy, USA, Europe and Central America with over 62 PSAPs (Law, EMS, Fire, Healthcare systems, Civil Defense) and Control Rooms.

About NexGen Global Technologies: NexGen is a Nationally Certified Text-to-911 provider.  It pioneered the development of an E9-1-1 Multimedia Communications system that allows the public to send photos, videos and text using their patented Multimedia Incident Retrieval System, (MIRS911) to 9-1-1 center personnel for review and dissemination to law enforcement and other first responders within minutes.   NexGen Global Technologies Website