Beta 80 CAD awarded Paramount Platinum Certification

Beta 80 is the first Italian company to receive the Paramount Platinum certification for EMD and EFD software solutions.

MILAN, Italy – October 2017.

Beta 80 CAD software suite has been awarded Priority Dispatch’s Paramount Platinum level of certification. Our software suite received the endorsement after completing the integration process for its CAD’s Medical and Fire modules, making Beta 80 the first Italian company to receive the award in both fields. Platinum is the highest certification granted by Priority Dispatch Corp™.

The certification was awarded after a rigorous process to ensure that our software suite met all critical functionalities and processes required by Priority Dispatch’s high standards. Beta 80 interface now handles Paramount Platinum functionalities for both EMD and EFD, providing providing PSAP call takers and dispatchers with the ability to perform at the highest standards, assisting the citizens with an even greater degree of efficiency. EMS and Fire Operators will now be able to clearly assess each situation, dispatch the most appropriate vehicle and assist the caller until the arrival of the responders.

Beta 80 CAD platinum Certification Proqa Fire EMS

About Beta 80. Beta 80 Group provides innovative end-to-end solutions for Public Safety. For over 25 years, Beta 80 has been developing innovative technology to provide tailored public safety solutions that go beyond the expected. Our CAD solution is a leading software platform for PSAPs and emergency call centers in several countries. Today, it covers 33.000 municipalities and protects more than 27 million citizens. It’s currently active in Italy, USA, Europe and Central America with over 62 PSAPs (Law, EMS, Fire, Healthcare systems, Civil Defense) and Control Rooms. For more information, please visit:

About Prioirty Dispatch. Priority Dispatch Corp.™ (PDC™) is the global leader in multi-service emergency dispatch calltaking solutions and is endorsed by the preeminent standard setting organization, The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.™ PDC uses the Academies’ Priority Dispatch System® (PDS®) protocols, which have been tried, tested, and trusted for over 35 years, in all their products. PDC™ develops and delivers the PDS through ProQA Paramount® dispatch software, which interfaces with CAD and phone systems and processes over 65 million calls per year around the world, covering a population of more than 308 million . For more information visit us at