Beta 80 CAD in the recently inaugurated 112 PSAP in Palermo

This is the second 112 PSAP launched by Beta 80 in Sicily.


PALERMO, ITALY – MAY 2019 – On Tuesday, May 21st, Sicily opened its newest 112 PSAP in Palermo, which will serve the Western Sicily area of Palermo, Trapani e Agrigento, covering and area of 10.400 km2 and a population of 2.15 million citizen.

A simplified and efficient service for all

The new state-of-the-art PSAP features 30 workstations complete with Beta 80’s emergency management software suite which allows the 15 call takers to record, register, qualify, localize and dispatch the calls to the most appropriate agency. Due to the high volume of tourists and visitors throughout the year, the PSAP includes a multilingual translation service. Beta 80 also provided the 112-emergency app Where AREU which can now be used throughout the region.

This is Beta 80’s second PSAP in the region; the first one opened in June 2017 in Catania. The two PSAP are built to be fully integrated, redundant and fault tolerant; ether one can thus serve as backup for the other in case any unforeseen event. With this new PSAP the Sicily Region fully transitions to the European Emergency Number system, eliminating all other numbers in favor of the 112 as per EU regulations.


Beta 80: Exceeding expectations

Palermo is the second 112 PSAP launched by Beta 80 in Sicily. Beta 80 identified and analyzed the customer’s needs and offered the most suitable solution. The activation of these PSAPs, consolidates Beta 80 Group as a national reference partner for Emergency and Crisis Management, especially for the European Emergency Number 112.


About Beta 80. For over 30 years, Beta 80 has been developing innovative technology to provide tailored public safety solutions that go beyond the expected. Our Life 1st solution is a leading software platform for PSAPs and emergency call centers in several countries. Today, it covers more than 30 million citizens. It’s currently active in Italy, USA, Europe and Central America with over 70 PSAPs (Law, EMS, Fire, Healthcare systems, Civil Defense) and Control Rooms.

emma CAD in a PSAP