Beta 80 International unveils The Tavolo® Flex at APCO 2016

WASHINGTON D.C., USA – August 10, 2016. Beta 80 International announced that it is unveiling The Tavolo® Flex at APCO 2016 Annual Conference and Expo, one of the largest events for public safety professionals in North America taking place August 14-17 in Orlando, Florida.  The Tavolo® Flex is a touch screen table powered by Beta 80’s unique software to support collaborative decision-making and information-sharing with different resources involved in any emergency situation.

The Tavolo® Flex is a second version of The Tavolo® which debuted in the United States in 2015.  The Tavolo® Flex is our new version sporting a new design and offers the latest touch screen technology with a tillable 55” screen and wheels to support mobility of the device. The Tavolo® Flex will be available in North America starting in 2017.  This new product combines a functional and beautiful design with unique software for public safety.

The Tavolo® software collects and displays on a map all real time information coming from an agency’s computer aided dispatch (CAD).  It shows live events, dispatches and real-time information through a simple standard communication protocol. The Tavolo® and The Tavolo® Flex can be integrated with any CAD system, creating a high level decision-making platform where public safety command can strategize in all types of events, from large scale crises to routine operations.  The functionalities of The Tavolo® and The Tavolo® Flex include:

  • Complete view of emergency situations and easy access to all information from the CAD;
  • Coordination and managing Law, Fire and Medical resources:
  • Intuitive, multi-user, touch-optimized interface:
  • Direct, two-way interaction with events and resources:
  • Integrated telephone and radio systems to communicate with dispatchers, command staff and first responders:
  • Team preparation for real-life situations and adds versatility to your training environment
  • Multi-layer GIS display and Geospatial mapping tools let you add multiple layers of information:
  • Management of complex and large scale emergency situations: and
  • Creation and management of high risk areas and active incidents defined by free-form drawing tools with clear perimeters.

The Tavolo® software is also available for wall mounted touch screens.

2016-06-08-BETA80-THE TAVOLO-5808“The introduction of The Tavolo® Flex gives emergency communications centers and public safety answering points (PSAPs) multiple options to use the unique collaborative touch screen technology in managing complex emergencies” said Gregory L. Rohde, Beta 80 International General Manager.  “The Tavolo® and The Tavolo® Flex offerings compliment Beta 80’s iO™ CAD system, providing innovative solutions for the North American public safety market.   The Tavolo® is as practical as a table and as easy as a tablet to use, coming together all in one platform to provide an innovative and effective approach for managing emergencies.

“The first goal of Beta 80 has always been to deliver CAD solutions recognized by the Public Safety Community for their richness in features and reliability. Our relentless commitment to innovation led to the development of The Tavolo®, an integral part of Beta 80 Group’s roadmap to definitively meet the Next Generation challenge” said Francesco Frugiuele, Beta 80 International CEO.  “In our 25 years of activity we’ve met with hundreds of people: from industry leaders to decision makers, to dispatchers and PSAP managers who are committed to public safety every day. We’ve listened to comments and feedback and we were able to notice a clear pattern. One of the biggest issues reported was that PSAPs lacked a tool that allowed managers and dispatchers to have a clear overview of the entire situation and resources.”

About Beta 80 International.  As a subsidiary of Beta 80 Group, Beta 80 International LLC is a Delaware Corporation with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. and oversees all business operations in North America.  Beta 80 Group is an Italian company founded in 1986 in Milan. It provides high tech solutions based on in-house developed software platforms and services. Beta 80 has 25 years of experience in developing customizable software solutions for public safety. Today, our iO™ CAD covers 27 million citizens and manages 17 million calls each year.

About APCO International.  The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International is the world’s oldest and largest organization of public safety communications professionals and supports the largest U.S. membership base of any public safety association. APCO International provides public safety communications expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy and outreach to benefit more than 20,000 members and the public. More than 5,000 attendees and exhibitors are expected to come from across the globe to APCO 2016 Annual Conference and Expo.