Brazil: Beta 80 is participating on the Hospitalar fair in São Paulo

Beta 80 do Brasil, 20th of May 2014


Beta 80 do Brasil is taking part, for the first time, of the Hospitalar fair. The main goal is very clear: to present to the Brazilian market a highly innovative, configurable and integrated software for the public safety sector, connected to best technologies available in the market. The product is called iO, and it’s the number 1 public safety software in Italy, installed in more than 60 PSAPs all over the world and responsible for the management of more than 3 million emergency calls a year.

Based on the accelerated growth in terms of number and quality of the emergency control rooms in Brazil – as for instance the SAMU, the Brazilian ambulance emergency service – Beta 80 evaluates a promising path, through a product that is able to fully revolutionize the way Brazil deals with emergencies. Safety is one of the three major concerns among Brazilian citizens and besides the local characteristics of each city, the only common goal is always to rescue people on a coordinated, efficient and fast way. However, in order to fill these needs, it is mandatory to have a well-equipped emergency control room, filled with high-level technology services.


Visit the Hospitalar website.