Brazil: iO has its 1st operating PSAP at the city of Limeira (São Paulo)

Beta 80 Group, 2nd of October 2014

1st of October 2014: Since yesterday, iO has its first operating PSAP in Brazil. The chosen city was Limeira, in the state of São Paulo, and its PSAP controls over 350.000 people, working under the common number 192. The PSAP is part of SAMU (Sistema de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência / Mobile Emergency Attendance Service), the Brazilian ambulance emergency service that is present in the majority of Brazilian cities.

With the steady growth in terms of number of SAMU PSAPs in Brazil, Beta 80 Group has a promising path on the way. Security is one of the three main concerns for Brazilians and the only common goal is to help people in record time, through an efficient and coordinated work. iO comes to play, offering innovation for the way emergency situations are managed in the country.

Welcome to iO’s world, Limeira!