iO™ CAD system - features and components


iO® CAD is revolutionary; ready for next generation 911, innovative and reliable. It provides a unique single interface to easily manage incidents, dispatches and information. It flexibly integrates top PBX and CTI brands and Beta 80’s own CTI. Furthermore, iO® Call Taking includes integrated eCall service and the following features:

  • Double view on current incidents/dispatches
  • Icon-guided interface, with customizable icons and buttons
  • Customizable incident card, based on each 911 agency’s needs
iO™ GIS - Smart mapping


iO™ GIS provides detailed maps that trace the exact course of events. It can also be used as a forecasting tool to predict and prepare for emergency situations. It integrates any widespread cartography or the PSAP’s own personalized maps. Furthermore, iO™ connects board vehicle equipment with control rooms, always relaying the latest information. It can flexibly operate through radios, tablets, diagnostic systems and videos. Its features include:

  • Automatic synchronization with CAD – real time map updates
  • Customizable map layers (WMS, Google Maps, Google Street View, agency maps, etc)
  • ALI (Automatic Location Identification). Map that identifies the location and any information and transfers it to call card.
iO™ Smart tracking


iO®’s tracking system provides an up to date, detailed vision of the operation field. It’s designed to offer the clearest outline of any emergency situation. Its system integrates communication technologies, such as TETRA, digital radio and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Its key features include:

  • Integration with third-parties AVL systems and radios
  • Customizable trip-leg
iO™ Business Intelligence and Reporting


iO® Business Intelligence provides statistical analysis, geo-spatial data mapping and advanced reporting. It’s designed for managers to analyze, plan and distribute resources on the territory.

  • Advanced reporting system with geographic distribution of data
  • Dynamic vehicle distribution system

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