Now that I have some time to relax, that I can relieve the tension that accumulates when you know you need to give your best for that big event, the yearly EENA conference, now it’s time for and wrapping up all the thoughts of last week.

The first thought in my mind is that I love this job. I love to be able to contribute to the community of public safety and emergency management services. By seeing people discussing, sharing ideas and looking for real solutions to real problems, I see that this is where European mindsets, so uniques, so different, all unite as one to make our lives safer. I also think I want to be thankful for all this. Starting from the EENA team:

Gary, Cristina, Jerome, Iratxe, Petros, Demetrios, Dieter, Benoit, Taviana, Ana,

and all those I forgot to mention: thank you for believing in this mission. Thank you for making this community alive with new ideas and new challenges to face.

I want to thank my colleagues, who worked to make this exhibition perfect!

Elisa, Luciane, Carlo, Francesco, Greg

And the people behind the scenes, as in every well displayed opera, are many:

Ivan, Cristiano, Matteo Figini and Matteo Galliani, Mario,
Giovanni, Andrea, Maruska from EBworld,
Moreno, Marco, Filippo from Anyt1me.

I also have special thanks for friends and colleagues from other companies:

Antonino and Maura for hosting and setting up an amazing venue with the Weytec console
Markus for the brilliant ideas and innovative solutions that Avaya is able to propose
Andy Rooke for keeping steady the helm of the eCall ship
Bertrand and James for making PEMEA real
Wolfgang, Sebastian and Fidel for opening our eyes with the Plugtests at ETSI

And then you: our friends and visitors of the Beta 80 booth. You were so many, that it’s impossible to mention you all. YOU know who you are. Thank you for your continuous support, for your trust. Thank you for letting us know we are doing the right thing.

I will conclude my long stream of consciousness with something funny: take a look at the pictures below; their are from Riga in 2012, my first EENA conference,

EENA Conference for Beta 80 Group

Beta 80 Group’s first EENA conference in 2012!

and from Budapest 2017.

Beta 80 Group EENA 2017 stand

Beta 80 Group’s stand at EENA 2017

A huge jump in 5 years. Every year we think we did the best we could do, but every year we do better. Relax: next year will be even better than this. You have my word.