EENA, 11th of February 2016

On European 112 Day (11 February), Airbnb, the world’s leading community driven hospitality platform, updated their safety card to include 112 as the pan European emergency number. The initiative will help to inform hosts and guests around the world of the number to call in an emergency whilst travelling in Europe.

“Over 70 million guests have traveled on Airbnb and we know that incidents are rare, but we also know that emergency situations can happen. We’re pleased to be working with EENA to provide another resource to our community in case of an emergency, and as always we will continue working on additional tools and resources to support our community.” said Clark Stevens, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Public Engagement of Airbnb.

Gary Machado, EENA Executive Director, congratulated Airbnb for this initiative: “We are very happy to have worked with the Airbnb team over the last few months. I want to thank them for their contribution to public safety in Europe.”

EENA looks forward to working with Airbnb in the future and to continue promoting 112 all over of Europe.

Read the news on the Airbnb blog: EN FR DE IT PT ES

EENA and Airbnb create partnership to promote EEN 112 in Europe
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