Europe: 112 Day 2015

Beta 80 Group, 12th of February 2015

“By using the new Single European Emergency Call Number (112), it’s possible to reduce the time response of rescues, to better locate the calls and to lower significantly the costs. In the Lombardy region alone, the adoption of 112 reduced the number of PSAPs from 48 to only three. These PSAPs are able to respond to all emergency calls, coming from all the available emergency numbers: 112 (the original number for the Carabinieri), 113 (Police), 115 (Firefighters) and 118 (EMS)” – stated Roberto Maroni, president of the Lombardy region at the press conference for the 112 Day* yesterday in Milan.

* 112 Day is an annual event that aims to promote the Single European Emergency Call Number (112) and other relevant topics on the sector.


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From left to right, Francesco Paolo Tronca (Mayor of Mylan), Roberto Maroni (President of the Lombardy region) and Alberto Zoli (Director of AREU).