Europe: Beta 80 Group presents its eCall system

Beta 80 Group, 15th April, 2014

In the European Union, the emergency services never stop. Only on the roads alone, there are more than 70 fatal incidents per day, which represents 25.000 deaths every year in Europe. In order to save more lives, the EU wants to equip every car with an automatic emergency call system, called eCall.

Two weeks ago, Beta 80 Group has presented a demonstration of the eCall system at EENA 2014 (European Number Association – 112) at Warsaw, Poland, where the emergency management agents of many countries were together to discuss further implementations on this sector.

This device is a clear example of what we are going to see in the cars in the next future. The red button stands for turning eCall manually or, in case of incident, it turns on automatically. When an eCall alert is received by the control room, the operator sees an image like this on the screen, with all the information sent by the car like the typology of car, number of passengers in the car and, more importantly, the location of the call” (Luca Bergonzi, Beta 80 Group).