Four new PSAPs in three months

Beta 80 sets new records in Emergency and Crisis Management.

Beta 80 International, May 30th, 2017

emma CAD in a PSAPBeyond Expectations

In just ninety days, from February to April 2017, Beta 80 Group has launched four new PSAPs, including one covering the entire territory of the Republic of Albania. This is the result of Beta 80 Group’s twenty-five-year experience, as well as a constant technological evolution with iO® CAD at the very center. iO® is our in-house developed Computer Aided Dispatch software suite that can adapt to the needs of each territory and operational module. “A technological excellence to better protect and serve citizens”, as emphasized by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama during the PSAP inauguration ceremony. “The ability to manage emergency calls across the country in real time, to monitor the vehicles and medical teams dispatches and to check that interventions take place within the set times”.

emma 112 in Liguria and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions

At the same time, three other PSAPs were launched in Italy: two first level 112 PSAPs in Liguria and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and one second level EMS 118 PSAP also in Friuli. The latter unified the previous four Response Centers; in Udine, Pordenone, Gorizia and Trieste achieving a standardized system that fosters effective collaboration among territories and forces. Friuli and Liguria cover an area of 13,000 km2 serving over 2,800,000 people. For each PSAP, Beta 80 Group identified and analyzed the customer’s needs and proposed the most suitable solution for each area has its own characteristics, and projects have been successfully implemented and all goals fully achieved thanks to iO® CAD’s flexibility and customization capabilities, and Beta 80 Group’s team project management skills and experience. The activation of these PSAPs, consolidates Beta 80 Group as a national reference partner for Emergency and Crisis Management, especially for the European Emergency Number 112.

Excellence in the field and in the Company

Beta 80 implementation capabilities and iO®’s software scalability and flexibility, had an even bigger impact in Albania, where the challenge was to create a brand new PSAP from scratch. The steps included: hardware installation, solution configuration as well as operational training. The efforts led to the setup of the new Tirana Emergency Number 127, the very first of its kind. Such a result could not have been achieved without the dedicated team that includes the Milan’s Software Factory, the Pre-Sales Team, the Solution Delivery teams of Milan and Udine as well as all the technology partners.