Beta 80’s journey spans over two decades, four continents and three software products. Through the years we’ve evolved in quality and identity and size. One thing that hasn’t changed is our committment to our customers, from the first one in 1990 to the last one. Here are some of the steps we took to get where we are.


  • 1986 – Five freshly graduated engineers found Beta 80 L.L.C in Milano. Their dream was to design a system to safely transfer real time information and data.
  • 1990 was the launch of the software solution EMMA – now IO. It debuted a new innovative way to transfer data. The software helped PSAPs, dispatchers, agencies and patrols handle their job efficiently and safely.
  • 1991 Beta 80 Sets up its first 118 PSAP (Italian emergency number). In over two decades this same PSAP has remained our costumer, so have all the others.
  • 1995 Beta 80 becomes a Joint-stock company. We expand our research and development, updating and increasing the value of our products.
  • 2000 Beta 80’s turnover quintuples. Beta80 establishes itself as a household name in Italian PSAPs.
  • 2002 Beta80 Group is established, first international operations, expanding the group’s experience and client range
  • 2012 Beta80 International, the American headquarter is established in Washington D.C.
  • 2014 Launch of Where ARE U App
  • 2014 Beta80 Opens its Brazillian office.
  • 2015 Launch The Tavolo®
  • 2016 Beta 80 continues to grow with worldwide projects and activities


Beta 80 Group contributes to the competitive advantage of its clients, integrating the most functional technology solutions to their specific business model.