Starting today, Liguria region activates the new number for emergencies: EEN 112, served by a state-of-the-art PSAP. Citizen can now call 112 to request any type of emergency assistance, be it EMS, Fire or Police. To celebrate the service, Liguria is hosting an opening ceremony today at 3pm at the San Martino Hospital in Genoa. The event will not only inform citizen of the new number but will also inaugurate the state of the art new PSAP. Moreover, from today, all the Liguria citizen will be able to download and use the Where Are U App.

The adoption of EEN 112 in Italy has been gradual. In 2010 the Lombardy Region opened the first PSAP, followed by Lazio. These two served as the important historical models for all others. Liguria now joins the areas covered by the European Emergency Number. In the future 112 is planned to cover the national territory.

Beta 80 Group is proud to have contributed with its products and know-how in the building the PSAP and we are honored to say that this is our fifth 112 PSAP nationwide. We would like to thank the people who supported us in managing this great project. The opening of the EEN 112 PSAP in Liguria is a landmark in Italian Emergency Services and we are sure it will bring great benefit to all involved.