NEW iO® Maps – Beta 80 releases new mapping system

Beta 80 has released the new iO® Maps for Emergency Management, designed to create a modern digital experience for 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers and EOCs.

Beta 80 International, February 6th, 2017


To further improve its public safety offer, Beta 80 released a new mapping system as part of the iO® Public Safety CAD platform. iO® Maps is now one of the fastest and most reliable systems in the market. Dispatchers and partners were the project’s core, and provided key feedback for its development.

An accurate map is critical for emergency call handling. The project set out to create a clear, intuitive and precise product; with simplicity as the key word. We began by uncluttering the graphical user interface (GUI) so it could be faster. We worked to make it more intuitive; requiring now minimal training for using. Furthermore, we made sure it could be operated by single keystrokes with optional mouse support.

Our goal was to develop a mapping solution that significantly reduces response time, as simple and technologically advanced as possible. Firstly, we concentrated on the User; what does a dispatcher need and look for? What elements should they have available in a clear and immediate window? We imagined a fresh and clear User Interface and then we placed the information around the map, the UI’s core. Next, we focused on making it smart and supportive of the dispatcher’s actions. The Mapping now automatically suggests points of interests, actions and gives feedback on the situation and status. Furthermore, we developed its technical aspects to make it sound, fast and reliable. It guarantees high speed, fast response and high memory usage; ensuring that the Mapping System operates 24/7.

iO® Maps offers key new features: real time layers’ updates on law, fire and EMS incidents, unit information, automatic vehicle location (AVL) and key data. Moreover, it assesses the emergency location through its integration with several map layers: ESRI, TOM TOM, Google Street view.

All this would not be possible without our customers, partners and most importantly, the dispatchers, who put their heart into this project. We thank them and pledge to continue working on products that might make their tasks safer.