Tirana (Albania) April 3rd 2017

Albania opens its new EMS PSAP in Tirana with emma as the official CAD system.

Beta 80 Group is proud to announce emma is the official Computer-Aided Dispatch of the new EMS PSAP in Tirana. The system was successfully implemented and went live in April. The center is state-of-the-art and features 24 multifunction workstations, each able to perform call taking, dispatching and manage maxi-emergencies. Tirana EMS PSAP connects to 35 hospitals and is integrated with external on-vehicle mobile devices.

Emma suite is a European-leading public safety software property of Beta 80 Group. The project features CAD, Mapping and a powerful mobile solution to track the unit status, improving public safety, mitigate risk and support Tirana PSAP’s daily operations. By providing dispatch center personnel and first responders in the field with a common platform for quick access to incident and historical information, emma ensures the right resources arrive at an emergency scene in the shortest amount of time.  The center will be able to receive the calls and coordinate the appropriate emergency response, activating different vehicles or medical personnel in the most efficient way.

emma CAD software system

Beta 80 Group’s solution also includes The Tavolo®, an innovative software on a multi-touch screen table to support the PSAP manager in decision-making and information-sharing with different resources involved in any emergency situation. It collects and displays on a map all real-time information (events, resources, dispatches) coming from emma CAD.

During the inauguration’s press conference, attended by the Albanian Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama, Mr. Alfredo Lovati and Mr. Francesco Silanos explained not only the role of Beta 80 Group in the project but also illustrated how the system will operate and the benefits that the emma CAD.

Beta 80 group emma at the press conference Tirana PSAP

The agency is one of 65 PSAPs in Europe that use Beta 80 Group’s public safety solution.