Beta 80 is leading the change of how emergency apps are used in Europe

Beta 80 APP


There are currently hundreds of emergency apps in Europe and none of them function seamlessly throughout the continent; their use is still limited to a specific country or area. If a person downloads an app in Germany they won’t be able to use it, for example, in Portugal.

For the past years, EENA has been working on emergency apps which led to the Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application (PEMEA) project to interconnect all apps in a common network allowing people to use their preferred 112 app to call emergency services throughout Europe. If you are an app provider there’s still time to join. Just click here.

This project will improve emergency response, helping citizens reach the correct 112 PSAP even if they do not speak the language or if they do not know where they are. It will enable dispatchers to retrieve all the vital information for a safer and more accurate first response.

Beta 80 emergency app helps reach help at the press of a button


As a company that has always understood the importance of mobile technology for PSAPs, first responders and citizens, we came to develop one of the best range of mobile solutions for emergency management (to know more click HERE)

We have also been at the forefront of the PEMEA project since its early stages (here you can find our latest blog post); tirelessly working with EENA on creating and improving interoperability tests and demonstrations to develop comprehensive test beds and platforms. We are now in the unique position to assist other organizations to develop and deploy PEMEA enabled services. These platforms can successfully interconnect emergency apps, routed based on location information to be sent to the most appropriate PSAP where they are used to dispatch the correct resource.

The EENA initiative supported through Beta 80, Deveryware and Developer’s alliance, focus on the implementation of the architecture through the PEMEA services, validation tools and processes provided by Beta 80. The project so far has been gaining great results, with the official launch and call-to-action made during the EENA 2018 Conference and Exhibition (here you can find our complete presentation)