USA: The Tavolo™ and iO-CAD were showed in the Avaya EBC, New York

Beta 80 do International, 27th of October 2015

The Tavolo™ and iO-CAD were showed during the NYC 911 Technology Day at the Avaya’s Executive Briefing Center in New York City on Tuesday, October 27th. Emergency services representatives from NYC area attended to two interesting sessions regarding the latest technologies and innovations in Public Safety Communications.

At the core of Public Safety communications, the challenge of managing large-scale events is often a paramount problem. Future forms of communications including images, video and even live sensor data will be a crucial part of the granular detail surrounding any major incident. Tackling this new challenge, Avaya in and Beta 80 International (DevConnect Partner) are delivering unique and innovative solutions in Public Safety Communications as Tavolo™, iO-CAD and Avaya’s solution called iLoc8.

The 3 solutions were presented during both sessions and participants had the chance to interact with those last truly innovative solution for Public Safety.

The Tavolo™

The Tavolo™ is Beta 80 International`s innovative Command and Control interface that facilitates new levels of interactive incident management, never before thought possible. It’s a state-of-the-art touch screen table that can be used for a wide variety of command and viewing functions required for PSAPs, Emergency Operations Centers, or any command and control facility, fixed or mobile. The Tavolo™ can display live events, dispatches and any relevant real-time information through a simple Web Services integration and it can be integrated with ANY CAD system.


iO is Beta 80 Group’s Public Safety CAD platform. It provides first and second level PSAPs with all the features required to respond to any type of emergency call. iO is the most complete software suite for PSAPs available on the international market and it is widely known for its ultra-high level of customization, intuitive interface, easy integration with multiple devices and vendors and effective customer support. iO manages efficiently and effectively a growing number of calls and types of events, evolving by design to suit each PSAPs changing needs.


The Avaya iLoc8 Application, installed in the 911 PSAP, enables dispatchers to engage with a cellular device. By sending an SMS text message with a special link, a browser to browser session is established. Information is then shared, such as location data and multimedia information, and the default language set in the device. On Android devices, battery levels can also be obtained providing important situational awareness. In the future valuable biometrics data from wearable devices may become common place detecting important conditions before you even know it and calling for help or assistance for you.

The event was a great success and Beta 80 International team would like to thank Avaya that made the event possible and thank all the participants for their attention and attendance. We look forward to more great events in partnerships to come in the future!