The Beta 80 Western Sicily 112 PSAP on

The article highlights the successes of the new Palermo 112 PSAP in Palermo. The new service improves emergency response thanks to our Computer Aided Dispatch software, the number one emergency management platform in Italy.


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PALERMO – July 2019

The easternmost part of the island, made up of the provinces of Messina, Catania, Syracuse and Ragusa, switched to the European Emergency Number system with a technological leap in which an important role is played by Beta 80 Group together with Avaya. Beta 80 designed and built the single emergency 112 Public Safety Answering Point serving the four eastern provinces of the region covering about 3.2 million of residents with an average volume of calls exceeding five thousand a day.

The deployment of the 112 PSAP of western Sicily was one of the most challenging but also most satisfying projects we’ve worked on; the infrastructure needed to be integrated into pre-existing II Level PSAP system and to connect to the 112 PSAP in eastern Sicily to make it redundant and fault tolerant .

The Western Sicily 112 PSAP – like the Eastern Sicily 112 PSAP – needed an emergency management software that would improve service by reducing response times and optimizing the management of requests. The Beta 80 Computer Aided Dispatch Software was chosen and recognized here; the managerial management in Italy for emergencies, already present in the “sister” plant in Catania.

Result? Since the inauguration of the project and the installation of software, waiting times have been reduced, improving services to citizens and improving resource management, as you can read in ICT Business – an important italian news organization for the IT sector.

We are delighted with this important success, which is explained in detail in the recently published article on ICT Business. To find out more about the work of Beta 80 and the collaboration with the partner Avaya, see the article here.